Jake McCarthy, age six, resident of Altadena, California, reviews a book a week. It's a service to parents and kids everywhere in elementary school who are always looking for something good to read.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jake's Review of The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily

The Bears' Famous Invasion of Sicily written by Dino Buzzati
Reviewed by Jake McCarthy
This book is about King Leander, a good bear.  The bears come down from the mountains to find food.  The bears fight humans, led by the evil Duke in many conflicts.  Eventually, the bears win after five wars.
The bears stay and live with the people and change from good to bad because they adopt bad human ways.
I liked it because the author has many funny and strange characters, including one that doesn't even appear!
Recommended for Ages 7 to 11.


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Did you know this is Lemony Snicket's favrite book?

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